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Pack and Submit your Extension to the Magento Marketplace 2.0

Since Magento released its new 2.0 version, they also updated their Marketplace. It can now be accessed via the following link: https://marketplace.magento.com/.

All information on the Marketplace, it’s features and rules can be found here: http://docs.magento.com/marketplace/user_guide/getting-started.html

When submitting a new extension to Magento Marketplace for the first time, we found that the submission process is not described clearly enough. Therefore, we want to share our experience about submitting new products to Magento Marketplace with you.

The Magento submitting process consists of 3 steps:

  • Business Review
  • Technical Review
  • Marketing Review

 Extension Development

You should have a well-working and well-tested extension, which can be reused by other shop owners and will add some nice and useful features to your Magento Installation ( > 2.0.0).

Our example extension structure looks like this:

example extension structure magento.jpg

Business Review 

To start the submission process you need to Log In or Register on magento.com. Next go to My Account -> Developer Portal -> My Products and click “Add Extension”. 

During the Business Review, Magento will check your extension. They will check for usability, whether there are already similar extensions on the Magento Marketplace and whether your extenison can be listed in Marketplace. Therefore you must try to describe the functionality of your extension as clearly as possible. At the same time though, you don’t need to worry about the formality of this description since it won’t be placed on your product page. 

After submitting your extension to the Business Review, you will have to wait for one to two days for the feedback. They are normally quite fast.

Technical Review

For the Technical Review, you must upload your extension package and pass the code validation.

You have the option to go through the code validation before uploading your extension package to reduce the amount of errors and therefore increase the chances of a successful submission.

Validating your code

You can use the following tool for the code validation:

Magento Extension Quality Program Coding Standard


After having gone through the installation instructions and having run the checking process, you will see all the “Errors” and “Warnings” that were found in your code.


Example Magento.jpg


Fixing your code

Most of the warnings usually result from formatting errors and can be fixed automatically. Hence you don’t have to go through each file yourself.

You can use the following tool to fix formatting errors automatically:


If you still find some errors and warnings in your code after having resolved the formatting errors you will have to fix these manually.

Magento codes.jpg

As soon as you were able to resolve all errors and warnings, you can apply for a Technical Review. For this purpose, pack your package files into a *.zip archive and submit them on the Magento website.


  1. Naming your file, you ought to consider the extension’s name and version. If the extension’s name is company/cool_magento_feature and its version is 1.0.1., your *.zip file should be named the following: company_cool-magento-feature-1.0.1.zip
  2. If you use MacOs, you need to be careful. While zipping, a Mac creates MACOSx hidden folders. To avoid this, you must do the zipping via a console.

Marketing Review

 The Marketing Review is the major task since you are asked to enter all information about your extension. The fields required are described explicitly so you won’t struggle with them.

Nevertheless, some notes on my part:

  • Documentation

 On this page, it seems like the Documentation upload is not necessary. However, in all the reviews Magento asks you to attach the Documentation. 

  • Logo

 We recommend using a large high-quality square image because the used image will appear in the gallery on the Magento Marketplace frontend. 

  • Supported Browsers 

Supported Browsers only need to be defined when you will have some frontend features. 


I guess, that’s all. You should be all set now to go through a successful submission process yourself. In case your extension gets approved you will find it on the Maketplace. The approval process can take some time so don’t worry if you don’t find your extension on the Marketplace after a day or two. In my experience the approval process can take from 24 hours up to seven days.

If your extension is approved, you get a success email. If Magento doesn’t approve your extension, they will send you an email as well. This email will contain a list of improvements you must make to get your extension approved. Don't delete it! It looks like the list is only available in this email. I couldn’t find it on the extension page.

Good luck!


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