Von Oleksandr Lyzun publiziert am 16. Mai 2018

comwrap's first Distributed Magento Contribution Day - Our Recap

Just a couple of days ago we had our first Magento Contribution Day here at comwrap. Since it was a distributed Contribution day it took part in two locations: In Germany at Comwrap, Frankfurt am Main and also at WeAreVirtua and Gate Software which are located in Rzeszow, Poland

In this blog article I will try to give a short overview of what happened during this day in Frankfurt.

The planning and the topics

First of all, for those planning a contribution day or similar event in May, I must warn you: In Germany this month has not only many sunny days but also holds many holidays and therefore long weekends. So that was a challenge for us, especially since we chose a saturday. We sent tons of emails and contacted a lot of possible participants, but in the end, we only had 8 people in our office on this day. 

Together with our Polish friends we prepared an interesting backlog which included tasks of different complexity to our guests. So everyone could choose the tasks that matched his personal skill level.


Together with our contributors in Poland we had the following topics on our agenda: 

Bulk API Project

The project’s intent is to provide safe and stable imports for persisting big amounts of data in Magento in an efficient scalable way for the external system.

Github: https://github.com/magento/bulk-api-ce
Zenhub: https://app.zenhub.com/workspace/o/magento-engcom/bulk-api/

GraphQL Project

The project’s goal here is to enhance the GraphQL support in Magento 2

Github: https://github.com/magento/graphql-ce
Zenhub: https://app.zenhub.com/workspace/o/magento/graphql-ce/boards 

Magento Issues

Developers could take any task form current Magento issues and implement it.

Github: https://github.com/magento/magento2/issues

Every developer could pick up any task from the provided projects, or come up with his own ideas. 

Of course, the developers from Poland and we had chosen different focus topics, so speaking in general our friends in Poland were mostly focused on GraphQL project and we in Germany concentrated on the Bulk API project.


Our outcomes

For me as a developer it was a very productive day, and there were two main reasons for that: 

  1. Nobody disturbed anybody during the day  (this usually happens very often on normal working day) so everybody was highly focused on his tasks.
  2. We had a great and motivated team that day, which worked concentrated on the same topic. So it was much easier to solve problems.

So from Frankfurt side we covered next topics: 


We created an enhancement of the already existing BULK API implementation and now it is possible to track which API user created an operation.


After our last discussion with the Magento Team we received a lot of positive feedback concerning the Bulk and Asynchronous Api implementation and got a GO for moving this implementation in the Magento 2.2.x releases. (for 2.2 it will be a part of Magento Commerce only).

So during this Saturday we were able to split the implementation between Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce and commit all modules to the appropriate repositories for version 2.2.x. So now they are ready for final testing. 

And as a small bonus: we even were able to run small tests which concluded that for now everything works well.


In Phase 2 of the Bulk API project we planned to integrate a Redis Database for storing Operation statuses for the Bulk API. So we started the implementation of a Redis Framework and KeyValue Framework and made pretty good progress there. 


Andrew Howden worked this day on his own idea of using Magento Profiler. You can read the output of his great work here:



Our conclusion

On the one hand we didn't have as many participants as we had expected, but on the other hand we made great progress concerning the tasks. So you could say, quality beat quantity on that day. 

Thanks a lot to everybody who joined.

We will proceed to make such events in a future and will try to raise our local community.

See you next time!