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Von Oleksandr Lyzun publiziert am 16. Mai 2018

comwrap's first Distributed Magento Contribution Day - Our Recap

Just a couple of days ago we had our first Magento Contribution Day here at comwrap. Since it was a distributed Contribution day it took part in two locations: In Germany at Comwrap, Frankfurt am Main and also at WeAreVirtua and Gate Software which are located in Rzeszow, Poland

In this blog article I will try to give a short overview of what happened during this day in Frankfurt.


Von Oleksandr Lyzun publiziert am 4. April 2018

Magento Community Driven Project - Asynchronous API

One of our customers had a specific requirement in Magento:

He wanted to import about 2000 products to Magento by using the standard Magento API. For this task, he used its self-developed ESB solution, which pushed all products via the REST-API to Magento. However, the customer's ERP only can process the API requests asynchronously, so it pushed all the products in Magento simultaneously without waiting for a status or response from Magento. 

This led to several problems we had to solve for the customer. In this article you'll read how we managed to solve this problem by developing a great way to deal with large product imports.


Von Oleksandr Lyzun publiziert am 24. Januar 2017

Pack and Submit your Extension to the Magento Marketplace 2.0

Since Magento released its new 2.0 version, they also updated their Marketplace. It can now be accessed via the following link:


Von Oleksandr Lyzun publiziert am 28. Oktober 2016

Restrict Product Payments – comwrap develops new magento extention

For one of our projects we developed Magento 2 extension for restrict payment methods for particular products. The paid version of extension can be found on Magento Marketplace:


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